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MMPM(Mjisto Mlilo Production and Management) is a private company owned by two young men who share the same passion in entertainment industry at large. The company started as a music production and spread to other entities like photography, Modelling and talent management. The dream of keeping our eyes on the ball is getting bigger and spreading like a virus both locally and internationally. Our work is exceptional and we are dedicated to what we do. We use what we have to produce the quality work that will be remembered in the next generation.

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We are passionate, eager and strive for the best to get at the top of our business. The people we work with are the reason that we keep on moving forward on what we do. We are competitive by the people who work with us to take the company to the next level.


To provide our clients and the entertainment industry with high-excellence,sustainable production and projects that are delivered regularly to meet the standards of industry and the people we engage with on both levels.


• To be a stepping stone to creativity and talented individuals and groups

• To be competitive on an international platform

• To discover raw talent

• To embrace diversity

• To be competitive on an international platform


MMPM Photography

MMPM Artists

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  • L50ty

    Boikanyo Mamabolo whom you will know better as L50ty, the energetic performer, known as the guy who brings life to the stage, is a rapper from Soshanguve, Pretoria. He was first part of the group called DSS (double snake squad)

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  • MG

    MG is a calm and down to earth person with a great sense on writing his own music,he comes from Dinokana in Lehurutshe - Zeerust in North West province, went to Ramotshere High School, then later studied ICT National Diploma at TUT in Pretoria, specialized in Communication Networks. Currently work as an IT specialist in government department. He is a motswako hip hop artist. His rhymes are really good and motivational.For bookings

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    Mjisto Mlilo, real names Peter Given Chaane has been writing music from the early age of 15 years. A Mpumalanga born hip-hop artist, song writer and a producer has realised that music was his God given talent during his Primary school years. Since then he never looked back and pursued his career when he moved to Pretoria (Soshanguve). His love for music made him realize the potential in beat making due to the disappointment from local (Kasi) producers, he started to love what he does after people tell him that they like his style of beats, the feedback is always positive to places he performed at, he is now a beat maker, song writer, producer and artist.

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  • Dj Spaden

    Dj Spaden is a young vibrant Dj under MMPM Records.For Bookings:

MMPM Films

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  • Sitcom - Segonyamatlho

    This is a comedy that aims to educate and make the audience laugh out loud, Segonyamatlho is a strong home brewed beer that make people do lot of stupid and funny things. Now here we have a couple that lives in a backroom in a same yard with the guy’s family. The family is a respectable, church going and trusted in the community.And their son never took any opportunity given to him, he dropped out of school long time ago, and don’t want to work, he later find himself drinking a lot to a point that he joined drinking Segonyamatlho, he found himself girlfriend while he was out to drink, he is over protective and in love. But the girlfriend of the guy comes with her bad manners of disrespecting people, she takes anything that she come across and sells it to have money to buy alcohol.

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  • Short Film - Turn Around

    This movie is focusing on the issues that affect rural areas where human trafficking is done on daily basis , like making a living by stealing kids and use their privates parts to enrich yourself, the concern community now start to take action against these whole people who makes their children,brothers and sisters lives a living hell cause the community is no longer safe due to some individuals, a young man start to stand up and raise this issues where he makes promise that he will make sure that these people rot in jail or die before they get a chance to be arrested after his younger brother got killed by these people.

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  • Creator and Writer

    Both Segonyamatlho and Turn around are written by JT Lethoko, "These are both issues affecting the communities that I have lived in and visited, as for turn around, it’s a sad film as people are living in fear and some are dead. Segonyatlho was motivated by the funny comments and action from the people who drink it". These scripts have not yet got a deal to be on television, but the aim of the writer is to see them on TV or theater. Any potential sponsor or production companies that can help to take them to television are welcome.

MMPM Events

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  • Event planning and coordination

    Our event planners will make the critical decisions regarding the what, when, who and how your event should go while coordinator on the other hand, will be responsible for making sure all the details are executed, and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately.Our team will be with you from beginning to the end of the event.Services includes organising entertainment,gala dinners, flowers and decor, launches, fundraising events,award evenings, sport days, team buildings and any other corporate events.

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  • Shows and gigs planning

    Before doing anything, we have to think about why you want to organise the gig and what others involved will want to get out of the event. As the organisers, understanding everyone’s motivations will make it easier for you to achieve what you want, will be useful during negotiations. For club owners we will help entertain existing customers, attract new customers, raise the venue’s profile and sell the entire experience.


Our work involves travelling both nationally and internationally, where you are is where we want to be and share our passion with you. Call us to make arrangements.

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As MMPM everything we do or did started as an idea, our future plans, strategies, long term goals are part of the ideas we come with or get from the public. And as a company that plays a huge role in the public, we believe in sharing ideas with individuals, businesses, and other organizations. We invite you to share with us any idea that you might think can help us or you grow in the entertainment industry. We believe in creativity and that comes from any idea no matter how other people can view it in their own opinion.

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